Advantages of Modular Camera Bags

Advantages of Modular Camera Bags

I’ve owned multiple modular camera bags over the years, some of which were definitely not the highest quality (don’t blame me because I was poor).

But, one thing I always noticed was that whenever I was out shooting with any other camera bags, I always missed the benefits of my modular camera bags.

Then, when I upgraded to my first of many Holdfast camera bags, I was permanently sold. Here are just a few of the many advantages that come with using modular camera bags.

They're Adaptable

Take Holdfast’s Fundy Streetwise Bag, as an example. You can use modular camera bags like this one as a shoulder bag for shorter shoots, or you can use it alongside a MoneyMaker camera harness if you’re going to be out all day.

Modular camera bags ensure you always have just the right amount of carrying space without having to purchase multiple shoulder camera bags in varying sizes.

You Can Always Add a Lens Pouch

I hear people complain about modular camera bags sometimes because they need more than the allotted amount of space for their lenses.

But so long as you’re working with a high-quality company, like Holdfast, you can always add an additional lens pouch carrier.

You Can Access Your Gear in a Variety of Ways

When I first purchased the Fundy Streetwise Bag, I always had it attached to my MoneyMaker so that I had quick access to both of my cameras on the MoneyMaker and a third camera in the Fundy Streetwise Bag.

Of course, I realize that only a handful of photographers need access to three cameras at once (event photographers, I’m looking at you).

If this sort of accessibility seems like overkill to you, then you can always use the Fundy Streetwise Bag as a shoulder bag and sling your camera on the camera slider. This way, you can still have immediate accessibility to your camera without being bogged down by heavy equipment.

It’s Customizable

I love shoulder bags, but I understand that not every photographer does. While you can use modular camera bags as shoulder bags, you definitely don’t have to.

Instead, you can tailor your carrying experience to distribute the weight of your equipment more evenly across your body by attaching your Fundy Streetwise Bag directly to your MoneyMaker. This prevents that sore back and neck feeling you get after shooting with a shoulder bag for a 14-hour day.

Why the Fundy Streetwise Bag Is For You

The Fundy Streetwise Bag is definitely my new favorite modular camera bag. For starters, it has that muted color palette and leather hardware that I’ve come to love from Holdfast.

The last thing you want to do is show up to a shoot looking less than professional. All Holdfast bags and equipment look aesthetically pleasing when put together and, in turn, I myself look put together.

Aside from all of the advantages of modular camera bags I already named, the Fundy Streetwise Bag has the added advantage of being built with only the best quality ingredients. For example, all of your equipment will be well protected inside this camera bag because it's lined with sheepskin.

This bag is also even more customizable because both the insert and the false bottom divider are removable. This will come in handy if you need to carry one single large camera in the bag without your lenses.

The aesthetics of this bag are also customizable. You can choose between olive/brown, navy/chestnut, and black color palettes.